Company Profile

F&B Business solutions FZ LLC – Powered by Barmetrix was founded in 2016, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Simon Lazarus.

Simon Lazarus, a veteran hotelier has worked globally in 7 countries for multinational chains. His last role before forming F&B Business Solutions was Vice President of F&B EMEA for one of the largest hotel chains in the world. F&B Business Solutions was formed to fill a need and help Bars and Restaurants achieve optimal profitability and service levels in a highly competitive and dynamic market.


Barmetrix is a hospitality services and coaching business. Since 1999 we have coached over 5,000 bar/restaurant operations teams in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. In a nutshell, Barmetrix provides expertise in solving some of the most common issues in hospitality businesses worldwide today.


  • We have a proven track record of reducing liquor and food costs for thousands of venues
  • We provide solutions not just data
  • We share best practice from the top operators in your market
  • We have your staff focus on what they do best: offering great service to your customers
  • We provide you with an affordable expert
  • We offer complete visibility across your business

Business Solutions


When you hire F&B Business Solutions (powered by Barmetrix) to help you with tracking your liquor inventory, within a few weeks, you can see an immediate return on your investment. We have proven time and time again in over a thousand venues that by using our outsourced inventory control service…


With food costs continuing to rise every year, controlling your food loss is a major issue for hospitality businesses. F&B Business Solutions (powered by Barmetrix) has a unique process to very quickly identify the issues and implement controls to keep your food costs at the right level. To get your food costs under control…


Are your bartenders maximising your revenue behind the bar? Are they making drinks the same way with the same look and taste for every customer? Do they know your cocktail recipes and serving sizes? These questions and many more can all be answered for you in 1 hour by a F&B Business Solutions (powered by Barmetrix)…


With the age of social media being upon us and specifically websites like Yelp or Open Table, the cost of a bad customer experience can be detrimental. F&B Business Solutions (powered by Barmetrix) believes in taking a proactive, not reactive approach to guest experiences…


Knowing your competitors is a critical component to running a successful hospitality business. More specifically, knowing what your competitors are charging customers is an incredibly powerful tool to have at your disposal. Not knowing your competitors’ pricing…


If your service strategy doesn’t fit on the back of a napkin…you don’t have one! Are you trying to drag your Millennial-age employees along with a phone book sized manual? If your training is all regulations, you’re not setting your staff up for success…

For more information, please visit Barmetrix website.